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Friday, October 14, 2016

FamilyTree across the horizon

  I am sure most of you have not missed this great new feature at FTDNA already. But for the small rest of you, I wanted to make you aware, that FTDNA now supports the pedigree view. A left - to - right orientation of your family tree, that is very neat for checking a lot of ancestral generations at once. Just what a genetic genealogist needs.

  So instead of a tree looking like this:

  You now have this!

Clearly superior for quick search of that familiar surname... good job, FamilyTree! MyHeritage was not able to provide this view in all of its existence, boo.

Well good luck searching for those common ancestors in the nice pedigrees, it's great to know at least some of the companies care and listen (yes, I am looking at you in particular, 23andMe).

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