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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Goals for 2017

First and foremost: Happy New Year! 🎉🎉🎉 May you all have a very successful 2017 with lot of genealogical successes, uncovered DNA cousins and healthy family members.

A new year is a great time for tidying up and starting afresh with new vigor.

So what are the goals I want to achieve? I have already mentioned some of them in my last two blogs, but I will incorporate those into the overall list with order by importance.

    1. Have a healthy son introduced into the world. Yay! This is not strictly genealogical, nor strictly genetical, but taking care of my newborn son will be a great experience in 2017. It will take away some of my free time - so excuse in me in times of silence. Importantly, here comes a huge thank you to my wife, for being such an excellent person and mother. Love you, honey 💖
    2. Improve the family tree. This has subgoals as per the latest 2016 balancing blog.

      2.1. Identify 40% of my own overall ancestors up to the 10th generation. This means identifying 818 ancestors of mine (out of 2046). I currently [think I] know 512 of them. This means identifying 306 new ancestors of mine in the new year 2017.

      2.2. Identify half of my paternal grandfather's 7th generation. I.e. 64 ancestors. This is an ambitious plan, as I have not reached 64 ancestors on this level for none of my other grandparents. But it is important to aim high.
    3. Run a Czech series for newbies in genetic genealogy. (This will probably be Czech only - there is a lot of existing English material and maintaining bilinguality costs a lot of time and energy).
    4. Break one or both of my closest brick walls. One of my paternal grandmother's great-grandfathers is unknown, as well as one of my paternal grandfather's great-grandfathers. Attacking them with autosomal DNA was the goal from the beginning, so identifying one or both of them would be a tremendous achievement.

      4.1. This includes a sub-goal of gathering as much relevant samples from those sides of the family as possible.

      4.2. Work on recombination map and chromosome ancestral coverage on my paternal side.
    5. Test my own children. We have agreed with my wife to test the children, so looking into what's the best option and going through with it is one of the topics of 2017.
    6. Start an "Ancestor of the week" feature - were I blog about one of my ancestors. I expect only a few of these throughout the year
    7. Keep working with my genetic genealogy matches (this includes 23andMe matches and the relevant goal mentioned in the recent 2016 balancing blog).
    I have more on my mind, but let's keep it at 7. I will try to address each and every one of these goals, with the priority going top to bottom.

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