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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Narrowing down my Y heritage

You can call me a cheapskate, but I just like to get my money's worth ;) Seeing a sale on in October, I jumped on it, to finally get closer to present than I-M423's ~14000 years (I had from 23andMe).
Well what I say is not completely true, by looking around, I strongly suspected, I will belong to I-S17250 when tested (

This may seem like a heresy to the old-timers, but I still have no STR markers tested on my paternal line. Should change next year, with my first 27. So I only have SNPs to utilise in my Y-research so far.

So what have I learned at YSeq?
I was true, I am actually I-S17250! Good job figuring that one out.
But downstream, it was all miss, no hit. Based on other Czechs, I suspected I-Z16971 or I-Z16983.

What was my surprise to learn, I am actually I-Y4882! (
This seems to be an East Slavic SNP, where I always saw my Krchaks as West Slavs till the last week. Time to change the family history :D

So far, I am A1328- and A811-. Next week should bring us results for A7358 and Y16473.
Based on that, if I am all negative, I still have a new A12505 to check.

Almost regardless of the result, I need to start saving for that NGS Y test though. None of the Y-4882 sub-branches is much explored, so either being placed in one of them or being an original one still leads to the same solution - NGS.

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