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Thursday, December 29, 2016

State of the year - 23andMe matches

So here it is, yet another calendar year ending. A great time for balancing!
Let's continue with our 23andMe matches series. Please, allow me to present the end of year numbers.

Let me also mention one great tip I got as a reaction to my blog(s).
Do not forget to explain / stress out how sharing with you can be beneficial to the other party! We are not a world of altruistic beings after all, but everyone has their own agenda and goals.

So where do we stand with our 23andMe matches?
One big change happened on my account since November. Now I have both of my parents as part of this same account. This definitely helps in many aspects of genetic genealogy. To remind you, I already had 3 of my grandparents on the account. One might think that the grandparents supersede parents, but the truth is simply the more the merrier - more matches, more IBS uncovered, ...
From now on, we will start including my parents numbers to the table.

Let me compare against the last blog series from November 18th:

DNA matchesAnonymousAccepted% accepted
me (Kuba)946 (+20)239 (-20)360 (+30)38.05%
mother845 (+1)*271 (-16)*286 (+38)*33.85%
father916 (+7)*229 (-13)*361 (+18)*39.41%
m. grandma1103 (+26)302 (-21)495 (+21)44.88%
p. grandma920 (+18)275 (-11)326 (+21)35.44%
m. grandpa943 (+32)257 (-22)334 (+38)35.41%
wife890 (+8)274 (-21)275 (+16)30.90%
*mother and father differences are since Dec 10, few days after I merged them into a single account.

So what can we see here? Wow, what numbers! The effect of adding father and mother's kit and inviting (no letter apart from generic 23andMe message) everyone is much better than a hand prepared message! Such a positive end to 2016 here.

I newly included anonymous numbers, because many people were commenting on them based on the previous instalments of the series. You can clearly see, anonymous people are disappearing - either making themselves public or disappearing altogether after opting out on TNE ("the new experience" of 23andMe).
I will try to create a short article just covering the anonymous shares in a near future.

The disadvantage of the two additional accounts is more unaccepted outgoing invitations overall:
Will I be ever able to dwindle the number down significantly? Unlikely :( I am still clearly increasing my overall amount of matches, increasing my accepted shares and decreasing the amount of anonymous matches. So that's the most important thing.
Also there is a bug, disabling me from accepting the two pending invitations. Aaaargh. 23andMe know about it, though and are trying to fix it...

I want to create a single 2017 goals article, but let me state some bold goals relevant to 23andMe:
  1. Transition to the TNE - this will increase number of matches, introduce open sharing, which should both significantly help with number of known triangulation groups...
  2. Move over 40% of accepted shares on all accounts. Ideally breaking 50% on my kit.

Let me wrap it up here, wishing you all a great 2017.

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