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Friday, February 24, 2017

23andMe move to the New Experience coming!

So 23andMe has finally gotten to transitioning foreign accounts WITHOUT health information - sorry UK, Canada or Denmark.

What will it bring? Worse ability to work with DNA relatives :( That's the biggest bummer, the new interface is more newbie oriented and does not offer as quick and outcome oriented  capabilities as the old one. Also, the 529andYou chrome plugin does not work perfectly (at least yet), that is going to be a big downside. I only like 23andMe most to work with, because of the powerful plugin 529andYou made work with triangulations so effortless.

On the other hand, we have a lot to look for.

  1. Accepting invitations, yay! Yes I had my account bugged for maybe 4 months now, unable to accept any invitations from others.
  2. Reading and writing messages! Yipeee!! Again, my account, due to it's size, probably, was no longer able to read new messages from people. Sorry everyone! 
  3. Contacting Anonymous matches! Finally, we will be able to contact anonymous people again. They often do not know they are anonymous and are perfectly fine with sharing.
  4. New In-Common-With functionality. Huge! I am so looking forward to learning where do my anonymous matches fit. And others as well.
  5. All other little nice things like updated male haplogroups.

I want to take this opportunity to run one last invitation wave on the old site. Who knows how things will be, and one thing is clear. Any matches you have persist through the transition.
So clearly matches = good :)

If you are my match checking up here, I would love to help you understand genetic genealogy or be able to understand your Central European, or even Czech ancestry better.
Still, if you are not interested in any of that, and can just approve my sharing request, that will help me a bunch in my family research. It will enable me to better define triangulations, portions of my and my matches' DNA coming from a specific ancestor. This will only show me a very small portion of the DNA we share and poses no security risk.

I would also like to do an update to my matches series. Where did we get since January first?

Let me compare against the last blog series from December 28th:

DNA matchesAnonymousAccepted% accepted
me (Kuba)952 (+6)214 (-25)381 (+21)40.02%
mother854 (+9)239 (-32)311 (+25)36.42%
father918 (+2)196 (-33)391 (+30)42.59%
m. grandma1122 (+19)293 (-9)516 (+21)45.99%
p. grandma925 (+5)241 (-34)337 (+11)36.43%
m. grandpa957 (+14)229 (-28)357 (+23)37.30%
wife898 (+8)224 (-50)304 (+29)33.85%

What is important to say, is that this was without any invitation messages being written. Nada.

And we're still breaking the magical 40% accepted on some kits already! Sweet.
Despite the negative sentiment everywhere (facebook, forums), I can still report number of matches growing on ALL of my kits.
WHILE, number of anonymous matches dropping, sometimes at a speed of light - 50 anonymous matches disappearing from my wife's list. WOW.

Simple observation. As long as you keep inviting your relatives to share, you should be good. See more and more cousins to research.

So where are we with unaccepted matches? Let's see:

Hm, 6 bugged invitations. Hope they stay for the TNE.
And over three and half thousands of unaccepted invitations. Including some of the closest ones. I sure hope this invitation round will reach to some of these cousins. Getting down to 3000 would be awesome ;)

So let's look forward to the New Experience with positive attitude. There are some great new features in there. As well as a renewed possibility to connect with anonymous matches.

And last but not least, I am working on my tree hard (as time permits) so I can find a connection for all of these new matches :)

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