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Saturday, November 12, 2016

MyHeritage begins it's own DNA autosomal testing!

  Wow! What a surprise! Just a few days after working out their DNA matching, MyHeritage is starting their own autosomal DNA testing.

Here is the official announcement:
So what do we have here, compared to the market?

MH is using a stadnard autosomal chip of roughly 700 000 SNPs. Pretty much state of the art for autosomal genotyping. The only difference is that both 23andMe and Ancestry (v2) have more health related SNPs on their chips. If you care mostly for genealogy, though, that is not much of a problem.

MH is using the Gene By Gene lab, same one that FamilyTreeDNA does. There's no need to worry. GeneByGene is an excellent, well known lab with good reputation.

The price is very competitive too!

You will be able to download your raw data and use it at the local suspects: for genetic matching and additional ancestral estimates, for health information,
and for both, and more.

So is it worth testing at MyHeritage?
Well if you have testing anywhere else, don't do it (just yet)! (Unless you want to learn about the system so you can teach others, but than you don't need my advice anyway ;).
You can upload your raw data from anywhere and come up with the same result, without paying anything. The only thing you're loosing out on is the ancestral coverage, and that is not worth 79$, period.

But if you haven't tested anywhere yet? I would still start elsewhere. Not sure where though, as Ancestry->FTDNA transfer no longer works. Thinking about it more, I would do either 23andMe or FTDNA if I were doing my first test.
I hate the lack of chromosome browser at Ancestry, that just completely invalidates their large DB in my eyes.
Well feel free to ask in the comments, I'm glad to help!

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