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Saturday, November 19, 2016

New Y haplogroups at 23andMe

What a nice and useful update from 23andMe. We now have SNP-based haplogroup info! As expected, this feature only made it to new experience (yes, as a European, I am still at the old one).

The blog:
What do we have here?
David Poznik, great Y chromosome researcher, is working hard to bring us some improvements.
He has updated all the results to recent (January 2016) ISOGG phylotree.

Now everyone will have a small image representing his position in the tree:

First and foremost, this will help reduce confusion, as unexperienced users often didn't understand the old notation, it's relation to the new SNP one. (People were coming to my FTDNA project of Facebook group with misunderstandings from 23andMe all the time.)

It will be also easier to jump to SNP panels at FTDNA or YSeq based on this info.

All-in-all great work from David, and I hope to see more from him!
(For tech savvies, you can check out his utility they used for this haplogroup update.)

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