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Saturday, November 5, 2016

MyHeritage DNA matching now works!

  Big news! MyHeritage DNA matching now works. They consider themselves out of beta, but that may be a little premature. Why?

  Well they went from loose to pretty conservative. Now, you can be fairly confident with all of your matches, but do not expect a lot of them.

Let me show you how many matches (that I have not uploaded myself) me and family have:
Myself:  1 single match (with no associated tree)
My parents: 5, 1 
My 3 tested grandparents: 3, 0, 3
My wife: 5

The good news is I know some of these matches from 23andMe, gedmatch or Ancestry. So they all seem to be the real deal.
Another positive thing is the highest % of trees among my matches from any service I have used so far! If only there were more matches.

  So why is there just a handful of matches? Imputation is a method where based on a handful of letters (SNPs) in your genotyped result, much larger portion of your genome is statistically reconstructed - using database of full sequenced genomes (like the 1000 Genome Project). The nature of imputation calls for conservative approach, else you will confirm people based on identical imputed sequences, without any ground in actual genotyped data. uses the same approach and I also have but a single match there, and my grandmother with 3 on MyHeritage has 2.

  The verdict? This is much better, but useful only a little bit. We need more matches! Still I encourage anyone serious in genealogy and genetic genealogy to upload, there is no thing like fishing in too many ponds. And the amount of matches with trees is unprecedented for me.

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