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Saturday, November 19, 2016

FTDNA sales

It's holiday season! Hope you will have a great great time with your family all.

At they're giving us some lowest prices in history, to celebrate with some family research.

You can utilize a crowd sourcing document - where everyone is sharing the coupons they do not need.

I can definitely recommend to grab a bunch of those 59$ autosomals, if you're still missing some family members. It will only bring more order in your testing.

If you still miss your mtDNA haplgroup at, I suggest you fix that. An uploaded full mtDNA will guarantee your group being used in any future scientific articles, for great satisfaction and clarity. And if someone with your mtDNA haplogroup is still missing autosomal, go for the combination, easy 10$ :)

And finally BigY. Except of (more expensive) Y Elite at FGC, this is the only possibility to map your paternal line all the way to present. If you have those 400+$ in your genealogy budget, this is one of the most interesting genetic options today. You will create a path for your cousins to follow and your paternal lineage will be researched so much better, than one without NGS testing.

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